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Thank you for visiting the Hands of Archangel Michael

My primary goal is to serve mankind by providing light,
healing and most importantly balance to the many
people, organization, companies and institutions in
the world that have forgotten their purpose and true

I believe we are born with all of the answers.  Our job
hereon Earth is not to learn but unlock the knowledge
we have.  Everything can be found within but it must
be our free will choice to take on the arduous task of
reawakening through self realization.   

By uniting ones mind, body and soul equally through
the modalities of psychology, nutrition /excercise and
spiritual healing one can eliminate the amnesia
inherent in us all from birth and catapult their higher
self to the fullest while living a very rewarding and
peaceful life.                                                                         

Michael Allan
Spiritual Healer
Hands of Archangel Michael
Hands of Archangel Michael